Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt is also known as a deadlock. Deadbolts locks are commonly installed above the doorknobs. The deadbolt has a few differences from a doorknob. The most significant one is that a deadbolt is operated only by a key. Doorknob mechanism based on a spring, which allows locking the door without a key.

Deadbolt grades
Many manufacturers provide deadbolts in a three secure grades.
Grade 1.
Grade 1 is the most secured grade of all others. These kinds of deadbolts are usually installed on a government & public buildings doors. It is highly recommended to install grade 1 locks on every commercial exterior door. These locks are made of the highest quality materials in order to prevent burglary attempts and can be used massively.
Grade 2.
Grade 2 locks meant to be installed for residential purposes. These locks have a long durability and they are highly secured. The materials the lock is made of, makes it strong and high secured for residential properties. However, many locksmiths will recommend on a grade 2 for a commercial Usage.
Grade 3.
Grade 3 is the most inexpensive lock comparing the others. On the other hand, this type of locks has short durability and they are also much less secured. These locks meant to be installed temporarily on emergency cases. When you’re deadbolt got damaged, and the hardware stores are closed, you may get them at the Dollar stores. Make sure to replace them ASAP.
Deadbolt services.
Texas State Locksmiths servicing deadbolts around Buffalo, NY every day. Among our deadbolt services you will find Install, Repair, Rekey, Lockout, Key to be extracted and all other services in US and all Cities.

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