Burglary Damage Repair

One of the most baffling and appaling encounters a homeowner can have is theft. As security experts, Alamo Key and Lock comprehends the disappointment, fear, and sense of insecurity that can go with a Burglary. Therefore Texas State Locksmiths made the Burglary Damage Repair Service in US . Our expert locksmiths treat with special care any homeowner and home that has been broken into. Along these lines, we made the Burglary Damage Repair Services to address the worries of Houstonians who had been Burglared.

Our company offers an entire locksmith services. As a private locksmith in US with capabilities to perform burglary damage repair, we can help you with:
Our Repair Services Following Home Burglaries
Replacing Broken or Damaged Locks: Frequently, burglars damage or break locks when they try to pry or force open closed doors, windows, storage areas, or patio doors. Texas State Locksmiths company can replace locks in these locations order to help restore your sense of security.
Performing a Security Audit: Texas State Locksmiths well qualified technicians can also perform a basic locksmith security audit, noting the condition of locks and keys following a burglary and recommending lock replacement, rekeying services, and/or upgrades. This type of report may also hold value for insurance record-keeping purposes.

Upgrading Existing Locks: We will recommend helpful security upgrades to existing locks in the home if you request this service.
Lock Rekeying: If lock security has not been compromised, residents may gain added peace of mind by having rekey services performed on some locks. This process changes the combination required to open the lock, without requiring the owner to purchase an entirely new lock set. When might this type of service be appropriate? For instance, if a burglar entered via a window and any spare keys were present on the premises, it remains prudent to rekey the locks, in case impressions of the keys were taken by the intruders for use later.
Replacing Keys: When we provide rekey services, we can also make new, replacement keys for the owners of the property.
Installing new locks: Texas State Locksmiths company can also install new locks to assist you in strengthening your residential security. For instance, you may obtain greater peace of mind by asking us to add locks to windows and to certain interior doors. We can also install locks around gates and home storage units to help safeguard their contents.

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