Magnetic Door Locks

Today, magnetic door locks enhance the security of many businesses both large and small. When you require the installation, repair or maintenance of these specialized locks, contact Texas State Locksmiths. Our company dispatches expert local technicians to provide comprehensive mobile locksmith services.
We’ll travel to your location to complete a variety of commercial, residential, automotive and emergency locksmith projects. Ask us to perform magnetic door locks installation or to troubleshoot a problem with a magnetic lock. As a commercial locksmith, we work on a wide array of popular locks and access control systems. We can perform skilled magnetic door locks repair, for instance. When you require well qualified, knowledgeable assistance with a lock-related problem, contact us.
Just consider some of the advantages offered by Texas State Locksmiths:
Availability on a 24/7 basis for your convenience
Fast 30-minute (or less) response times
Friendly, courteous service
Fair and upfront pricing policies
A solid business reputation and more!
In others, the absence of electrical current will serve to unlock the door. These strong locks offer reliable closure capabilities. They can secure heavy doors, making them a very attractive addition to commercial buildings
Why professional services matter when installing magnetic locks:
Texas State Locksmiths understand the operation of these locks mechanisms and we’ll work hard to install and maintain them for you. Our skilled technicians can troubleshoot a variety of problems involving electromagnetic locks. Texas State Locksmiths perform lock installation and repair services for both commercial and residential customers.
Customers Who Use Magnetic Locks
Today, a variety of enterprises have discovered the benefits of utilizing strong magnetic door locks. Just some of these customers include:
Educational institutions
Hotels and Motels
Retail establishments
Federal, state and municipal agencies
Office buildings, and more!
Call us to obtain knowledgeable magnetic door lock assistance. We can help your enterprise in converting from mechanical locks to magnetic locks, for instance.

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